Ulefone Be Touch 2 Review


  • Very good built quality
  • 4G support for both SIM, support for one full size SIM and one Mini SIM
  • 3GB RAM, 16GB ROM
  • Come install with a screen protector
  • Front finger sensor for unlocking device and protect app
  • Front flashlight for selfie
  • Fast CPU ->response due to Octa-core
  • External support for Micro SIM
  • Removable battery
  • Availability of cheap third party casing
  • Charging input at the top instead of bottom (good for placing on stand while charging). Fast charging supported


  • Fingerprint sensor need a few tries (Note: Ulefone Touch 3 has increased the sensor from 2 to 5 points!)
  • Battery life while good for light users (about 2 days), heavy usage probably such as internet surfing will drain the battery in about 3-4 hours continuously.
  • No external notification LED indicator (for charging, incoming message etc)
  • Camera auto focus a bit slow esp in macro mode
  • No NFC


Very good phone with excellent build quality and affordable price (USD$180-220). Give a run of money to Apple’s Iphone 6+. Highly recommended.

[Updated 20Oct15: A few things surfaced after using this phone for a few months:

– Battery life getting very short, can not use more than 3 hrs of surfing. The speaker end can get unbelievably hot, seems like a software issue causing the phone to access the network causing the battery to drain faster than usual.). Updated 5 Jan 2016: The battery drain turned out to be caused by one of the two apps that I have uninstalled and the battery life has since gone back to normal, you have to experiment it to see if you face similar battery drain in your Android phones which in my case is either the Launcher app or the Bluelight filter app).

– While spec says that it supports 64GB ext microSD card, I have tried two (1 Samsung Evo and 1 Goldflash) cards, the phone just can not read it, max supported seems to be only 32GB

– There is a serious bug with anti-theft feature. Do not activate the Anti-theft feature! the phone sometimes will ask you for the Privacy Protection Password, even though your original SIMs and fingerprint is recognised, and you are the rightful owner of the phone! This critical Privacy Protection Password have to store somewhere or you change the anti-theft pin as shown in the screenshot below] If you ever need to access the anti-theft feature on these China-made phones (mainly MTK CPU based), here are the screenshots that may be your lifesavers:

MTK based Mobile Anti-Theft Remote Control Commands

MTK based Mobile Anti-Theft Remote Control Commands

Please see below for pictures and videos, feel free to post your comment in this blog.

More Photos (If you are wondering what is the background theme in the picture, you can download it from Google Play: Dandelion Live Wallpaper)


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