Supertel URC2002-P (URC-24B and RM-1001 10 Remotes) Remote Control Codes

It was so hard to find the codes for this remote on the internet, so when I manage to recover the manual, I decided it was time to share it. This no-frills remote control can be bought at around SGD$3 in the budget shops in Singapore. I have verified that the codes works for Supertel URC2002-P but not the URC-24B andĀ RM-1001 (supports 10 Remotes), do feedback to me if it works for you so that I can update the status.

E.g. To program TV1 for Sony, press SET and TV1 simultaneously, press 129. The LED should go off if the correct code is entered, else you will see the LED turned on or blinks. Test by pressing the POWER button while pointing the remote to the TV.

The detailed scanned pages contained in the .rar file, password is boomztown. Download here:URC-24B codesĀ  (5.7MB)

supertel urc2002



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3 comments on “Supertel URC2002-P (URC-24B and RM-1001 10 Remotes) Remote Control Codes
  1. Nenad says:

    Not working.I have same remote but without book code.I download rar i enter that password but getting some clipboard eror.Ill be greatful if someone can send me code for quadro tv.

  2. Can’t read the scanned codes, it’s illegible.

  3. las says:

    thank you for all .Now i have all the codes i look for .thanks again!

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