The most effective way to get rid of annoying spams for WordPress

For websites using the WordPress, the amount of spams can be very annoying. I have received more than 5-10 spams a day until I install the WordPress plugin WP-SpamShield. The spam has since dropped to almost zero and has been

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Ulefone Be Touch 2 Review

PROS Very good built quality 4G support for both SIM, support for one full size SIM and one Mini SIM 3GB RAM, 16GB ROM Come install with a screen protector Front finger sensor for unlocking device and protect app Front

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Unsubscribe from Yahoo Group

It has been a pain to unsubscribe from SgFreeCycle after numerous spams but it has not been easy to get Unsubscribe from the numerous email spams. There are a few way to get your unsubscribe: 1) Unsubscribe from the email

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How to change account name in Gmail?

Go to the top right corner of Gmail where you will find your Gmail account in the form of Click the drop down menu and it will reveal personal details of your account settings. Select Account and you can

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Fixes for “Your computer is low on memory” in Microsoft Windows

The best advice comes from here. The often culprit is usually the browsers (IE, Google Chrome and Firefox) which are memory hogging esp if you like to open many tabs like me. My own experience is that Google Chrome is

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How to Add Hibernate in Windows 8 & 8.1 Tablets?

Note that the Hibernate option is missing on Windows 8.0 and Windows 8.1 tablets. It’s neither in the Settings Charm (Power menu) nor in the Desktop Win+X menu. There is no Hibernate option available in Control Panel either. Just save the

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How to enable and disable Comments and Discussions in WordPress?

Go to Edit mode of your post, select Screen Option:   Now check or uncheck Discussion or Comments. E.g. to disable the spam that targets your WordPress blog page, check the Discussion box and unchecked the Allow Comments box.  

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How to mute the camera shutter sound in Samsung Galaxy phone?

For whatever reason, legal requirement or otherwise, Samsung decided not to include the option to disable the shutter sound of the camera application in various handsets such as N7102. It is very annoying and the shutter sound will be activated even in the

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UK, USA, EU, Korea shoes size quick reference

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MicroSD card: TLC vs MLC

MLC is more suitable for frequent read-write operation e.g, Carcam; TLC is more cheaper and not meant for high read-write operation such as for Smartphone.

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