My bad impression of Ulefone products

I have bought Uelfone Be 2 and 3 over the last one year, the look was fantastic (looks like iPhone), it is thin and light, features was good, BUT ….

What prompted me to write this review is the horror I have just experienced and this is the last straw, no more Ulefone and some cheap China made phones for me. I can tolerate the poor hardware, lack of stability, and slowness sometimes, but while trying to back up the data in MTP mode, the Windows File Manager just hang there, I unplugged the cable and connect it back and to my horror all the files in the SD card were gone! Worse still my camera pictures and video in the DCIM folder which I intended to backup were all gone for good! I still can not pin point if it is the hardware or the fault of Android OS.

How could this have happen? Then I remember I have the Amacsoft Android Data Rescuer that might able to help recover some of the deleted file. However, this application requires Rooting of the phone. I tried this link given by Amacsoft but just couldn’t get into the download mode to root the device. Neither does the official Ulefone blog works too. BTW it seems like quite a few people had bricked their phone here.

Back to my experience with Ulefone, my first Ulefone Be Touch 2 barely survived 5 months when I noticed the battery life went down significantly, often less than 1 hour into heavy usage on the train and it would shut down due to low battery. Then came Ulefone Touch 3 which claimed to use a SONY battery. My own guess is Ulefone must have realised the previous generation’s battery sucked! Anyway while waiting for my UT3 to arrive, another problem croped up, this time the camera completely dead suddenly. End of story, it is useless for me as camera function is important. So there was I, my first Ulefone retired in less than 6 months.

After migrating to UT3, while the battery life was good initially, the battery is still nowhere near my Samsung Note 3. After a few months, significant deterioration of battery again. I also notice the joints around the rim of the phone started to pop open slightly indicating that the glue that held the rim together was failing. Anyway with all these bad experience, this is my last Ulefone product and I hope you guys will avoid it like plague. Trust me the saving just not worth the trouble that I have experienced.

All my data in microSD and camera files in the phone memory were gone!

All my data in microSD and camera files in the phone memory were gone!

ulefone uality defect 1ulefone uality defect 2

Picture left: the joint at the rim came off after a few months. Picture right: a SC card can be inserted to the front panel.

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