Most useful Windows 8 shortcut keys

  1. Admin Menu: Windows + X. The Admin Menu is as close as it gets in Windows 8.1 but not exactly the same.
  2. Settings: Windows +I, inccluding the power botton for shutdown, standby or restart.
  3. Sharing: If you are in an application and want to email or share its content with someone on a social network, hit Windows + H.
  4. Second screen: If you are connecting to a second screen as you might presenting a PowerPoint in a conference room, use Windows + P.
  5. Charms (right side menu) – Windows+C
  6. Search:  Apps: Windows + Q ; Settings: Windows +W ; Files: Windows + F.
  7. To close an app: It’s just like it was in Windows 7: Alt + F4 . If you have a mouse or touchpad, you can take your pointer into the top left hand corner (or top center corner) of the screen¬† to bring out the familiar Minimize and Close icon.
  8. The desktop: Windows + D brings up the familiar Desktop similar to the older Windows versions.
  9. Windows Explorer: Windows + E.
  10. Lock the PC: Windows + L .
  11. Clear recent history: Ctrl+Shift+Del
  12. Shutdown: Ctrl+Shift+Del, power button at the bottom right corner. It also reveals Lock,Sign Out, Change password, Task Manager, Switch user

Want to get back the familiar START button? click here for an excellent link. I chose the Classic Shell 4.0 to mimic the old START button on my Windows 8 machine.

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