LG DVD Recorder RH387H Review

Reviewed on 1 Mar 2011

lg-video-RH387H-front-large[Updated 20 Jun 2012: An improved and updated versions of RH387H is the RH388 (250GB S$399) and LG RH589 (500GB, S$499), the chasis and spec remain very much the same except with higher capacity. If you are adventurous, you may be able to replace the HDD yourself without footing the overpriced HDD as it is relatively easy to remove and does not require proprietary HDD formatting like the Philips and Pioneer recorders. Readers do let me know your findings so that more people can benefit from your experiment!]


LG RH387HA competent, reliable and low cost 160GB HDD dvd recorder. LG is arguably the only serious player in Singapore as far as DVD Recorder is concerned with the recent exits of established brands such as Pioneer,Samsung, Sony, Panasonic and Philips from the Singapore market.

My guess for the exits by the established brands could be due to the high failure rates of such devices as reported in the various forums (or copyright issue?), personally I had owned two Pioneer DVD recorders (5 years, another one still working after 3 years) and two Philips DVD recorders (2 and 3 years) which have both failed (one tray mechanism and another electronic failure, none HDD failure). So I bought one with a 5-year extended warranty this time after learning the painful lessons.


  • slim 2″ in height
  • 160GB HDD (unlike Pioneer and Philips DVD recorders, the HDD is readable as an external HDD, the geeks will love this but be warned that your warranty will be void)
  • Region free (see the unlocking code procedure and picture below)
  • HDMI supported, HDMI cable provided
  • Support external USB thumbdrive. format supported are Xvid, Divx and Mpg
  • Remote uses only 1 AAA battery (see pict below) and support remote for popular TV brands such as Sony, Samsung, LG etc
  • Cheap (you can get it for between S$250 to $450 depending on promotions). COURTS is selling online at S$299!
  • LG’s SIMPLINK system can control all the connected AV devices with one remote control. By pressing the SIMPLINK remote control key, you can switch on and control all devices connected by HDMI.
  • Support “Fast” mode copying from HDD to DVD dubbing.



  • My biggest bugbear: the timer will be lost if power is cut off for less than 10 sec. Meaning you have to reset the date and time or else the timer will not work! One of the worst implementations I have seen so far.
  • Not as user friendly as the pioneer DVD recorders (by far the most user friendly but unfortunately they do not sell any more in Singapore). E.g. can not place marker during recording, can not choose the thumbnail image, no dedicated instant-skip/rewind buttons etc. Unlike the Pioneer DVD recorders, the external USB keyboard which can be used to change the titles are NOT supported.
  • The mpg (thru ext USB thumbdrive) files while supported, the fast forward and rewind function will not work. This could be the reason why it was not mentioned in the manual. Only very limited video types such as .mpg and certian type of .avi are supported.
  • Copying files from USB drive to HDD takes for ages
  • Only one set of input and output conectors (see pict below)

My Verdict? 8 out of 10, Yes and recommended.

Procedure to unlock the region code (using the remote control)

congrat message after successful unlocking

  • Press “Home”
  • Press “Setup”
  • Move down to “LOCK”
  • Press “0” more than 7 times
  • Congratulations message should appear that player is unlocked (see pict)

[Updated Feb 2012: I recently bought a LG BD-660 Blueray player, it does not support multi-region code. The Singapore customer service informed me that due to “legal” issues, their players henceforth do not support multi-region discs and they will not provide unlock codes henceforth. Some Samsung and other selected brands that I have checked still support multi-region codes, so if you are concern about this, you may want to avoid LG players henceforth or the least to check/test it before purchase for other brands as well. Do give me your feedback if the LG customer service message is wrong. To say that I am dissappointed with this new development is an understatement.]

[Updated Jan 2013: After more than 3 years, the DVD drive is the first thing that gave up, it is not the standard IDE nor SATA drive, so you need to get the part from LG directly.]

Screen shots and images

The animation is enabled courtesy of pictobrowser (or visit Flickr). Click the thumbnail to see the pictures for RH387H’s front connections, back connections, menus, remote controls etc.

Get the flash player here: http://www.adobe.com/flashplayer

Please leave your query here and I will reply soonest possible.

 Last Updated: Mar 2011


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One comment on “LG DVD Recorder RH387H Review
  1. Hiran says:

    LG DVD Recorder RH387H. I wanted to upgrade the HDD of the above recorder. I installed a 1TB Seagate HDD SATA. The unit in the drive was a 160GB SATA drive. before I inserted the new drive I inserted the old HDD to my laptop PC by a sata to usb cable to copy data to PC HD. The drive only showed as a greyed out drive. When I clicked the icon it said insert drive.so nothing happened. However I installed the new 1TB drive in the player. after which when I powered on the player went for several hours with the word HELLO scrolling, with nothing happening.
    What does this mean? Is it the Original drive is proprietary formatted, which is why I cannot read it in my Laptop.
    Is there any way of using the 1TB drive in the above player.