How to mute the camera shutter sound in Samsung Galaxy phone?

For whatever reason, legal requirement or otherwise, Samsung decided not to include the option to disable the shutter sound of the camera application in various handsets such as N7102. It is very annoying and the shutter sound will be activated even in the silent or vibration mode, what’s worse is that you can’t disable it by default. 

Short of rooting the phone, I have found the simplist solution is to install a third party app such as A Better Camera, it works for me and is better than Silent Camera which is full of Ads for the free version. The camera function is pretty good, however there are several bugs in the version I have (V3.23). The camera can surpass the default Samsung camera, e..g. the torchlight function, the JPEG quality selection, the user friendiness, 4:3 or 16:9 selection, Keep Screen On etc. The bugs I found are mainly in the Video mode e.g. the flashlight function is not working when ON is selected, using the Torchlight function and the recorded quality is terrible.


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