How to convert .pcm file to .mp3 file for free?

How to convert Virutal recorder file (in .pcm) format to mp3?

You will be in pain if you are using the Virtual Recorder app from the Android Play (BTW this app has gotten from good to very bad due to the unscrupulous use of Ads). the format produced by the app is in .pcm format but most audio or sound converters do not seem to support this format.

After many trials and errors and trawling the internet, I found the best way to convert the pcm file to mp3 is to use the free Audacity software from Sourceforge. Here are the procedures:

Step 1: Import. The most crucial mistake most people make is to import the .pcm file as an audio file!!! Instead, you should import it as a raw file.  If this step is not done probably, it will made the audio sound like a chipmunk is talking.

import raw file

Step 2: Select format.

– Set sample rate to 22050.
– Set sample size to 16 bit.

select sample rate and 16bit

Step 3: Export it as an mp3 file.


export as mp3


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One comment on “How to convert .pcm file to .mp3 file for free?
  1. The Bruce says:

    Thanks! I’ve found elsewhere that Audacity could convert PCM to MP3, but on one mentioned the bizarre output if one did it with the default values. This saved me hours of experimenting on my own.

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