How to add album art picture and Chinese song titles in Windows Media Player?

It is such a pain to add the song titles and album art if you have one of those obscure CDs that you rip yourself. I have lots of old Chinese CDs and this is a real pain.

For the Chinese song titles, after a few round of trial and errors. I found the easiest way is to type out the song titles on a Android tablet (which has excellent support for Chinese input, I use the Motorola Xoom2 which has excellent Chinese predictive software. E.g. for 心情 XingQing in HanYuPingYing, you just need to XQ and the predictive software will suggest many word combination that starts with X and Q and 心情 happens to top the list) and then gmail to myself. Then it is very easy to just cut and paste on the desktop, plus I get to keep a backup copy of the song list.

For the Album Art, it is a little more tricky. Google it on the net either leads me to nowhere or require installation of software such as mp3tag. For me, I did the followings:

  1. take a picture and save in jpg file format. I scaled it down to about 32kB.
  2. drop the jpg in the folder where the album is ripped (typically under the Music folder in Windows 7)
  3. put the file manager and the Windows Media Player side by side (see picture), drag the .jpg file directly into the empty Album Art in Windows Media Player. The album art file you see there is automatically created.

create album art in WMP

(Click to enlarge)

Here is another 3 pictures showing before, in progress and after the creation of album Art.

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