GS8000L Car Camera Review – Probably the best budget car camera in the market!



gs8000l in palm

Selling really cheap at for less than S$40 (USD$32, as cheap as SGD$30 depending on promotion). It is arguably the best car camera at this price range. Here are my quick analysis:


  • Well built, high quality, small size
  • Long 13V cable for routing the cable along the fringes of the car
  • Capture well in low light conditions
  • 3M Adhesive suction cup
  • Date and time stamp option
  • Motion detection


  • Will be nice to have the control on touch screen
  • Support only microSD, max upto 32GB only

A 10min video taken at 720p resolution will consume about 1.27GB, so a 16GB microSD card will roughly probably capture about 60min video. You can check out the video quality below (video quality is 720p, I will be updating my own drive video soon, the quality seems better with same 720p resolution):

Alternate video with night scene recording:


[Updated 1 Jun 2014] is selling at SGD$32.9 (Store Pickup)


As a side note, do not buy this carcam even though it is selling at SGD$25 on eBay. The product has a fundamental design issue if the plastic use in the holder are not of good which likely the case at this kind of price. Not recommended. This is based on my own personal experience, it has another flaw, the night scene does not work very well and the it tends not to be able to capture the car plate number of the car in front even at stationary (e.g. at traffic light junction).



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