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How to enable and disable Comments and Discussions in WordPress?

Go to Edit mode of your post, select Screen Option:   Now check or uncheck Discussion or Comments. E.g. to disable the spam that targets your WordPress blog page, check the Discussion box and unchecked the Allow Comments box.  

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How to mute the camera shutter sound in Samsung Galaxy phone?

For whatever reason, legal requirement or otherwise, Samsung decided not to include the option to disable the shutter sound of the camera application in various handsets such as N7102. It is very annoying and the shutter sound will be activated even in the

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Solution for unable to download file in Google Chrome

Error message” “Anti-virus software failed unexpectedly while scanning this file” and yet you are able to download the file in IE and Firefox, the solution below may just solve the problem. The dumb Microsoft Support website just offer loads of useless advice.

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How To Open Disk Management From the Command Prompt for Windows OS?

Type the following command in the text box: diskmgmt.msc Use Disk Management to change drive letters, partition a drive, format a drive, and more.

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Baidu hijack my search engine in my Firefox browser’s Address Bar, how to change it to Google Search?

It is really annoying from time to time that Baidu search will sneak into my Firefox browser through some shareware programs without my knowledge (aka browser hijacking). It does not reflect very well on a reputable company as such. The

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How to reopen an accidentally closed window in Google Chrome?

One bad thing about Google Chrome is you can accidentally close a window in Chrome with many tabs without any warning from Chrome. The way to reopen it is CTRL+SHIFT+T (surprisingly is the same command as reopen last tab!). You could

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How to generate video thumbnail file for a video media file?

Ever wonder how many of the movie review sites generate a series of snapshots such as the one below? Answer: Video Thumbnails Maker Very simple to use, just click Add Files and press Start and the thumbnail file will be

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How to convert .pcm file to .mp3 file for free?

How to convert Virutal recorder file (in .pcm) format to mp3? You will be in pain if you are using the Virtual Recorder app from the Android Play (BTW this app has gotten from good to very bad due to

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Windows XP unable to boot up? AVG may be the cause

Recently, my trusty Windows XP (despite the end of Windows XP support) did some updating of software and failed to reboot (when it reaches the Windows startup screen, it will reboot itself) after that. Not even using using SAFE mode

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What is the minimum spec required for iOS development (Xcode)?

or alternatively: Will MacBook Air good enough to run iOS development tool? It is question I hope someone will answer but sadly no one can tell me for sure. Now that I have gone through it, the answer is resounding

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