Baidu hijack my search engine in my Firefox browser’s Address Bar, how to change it to Google Search?

It is really annoying from time to time that Baidu search will sneak into my Firefox browser through some shareware programs without my knowledge (aka browser hijacking). It does not reflect very well on a reputable company as such. The following is the procedure to get back your default Google Search engine.


1. Type the following into your address bar: about:config in your Firefox browser.

2. Say you understand about the “voiding of the warranty”

3. Search for the string “keyword.URL” (now I’m trying to remember if that string already existed or not…if it doesn’t show up for you, right-click and go to New, and then select String…name it “keyword.URL”).

baidu hijack

4. Set the value to: OR


Please note that starting with Firefox 23 the keyword.URL pref is no longer supported and it is no longer possible to specify the search engine for the location bar that way. The search engine that is used on the location bar and on the about:home page is the search engine that is selected in the search Bar on the Navigation Toolbar.
You can install the Keyword Search extension to specify with search engine to use for the location bar and which search engine to use for the about:home page via the Options/Preferences windows of this extension, accessible via the about:addons page.

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