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Useful shortcut keys in Windows 8.1

If you are like me who prefer the older Windows 7 interface, here are some quick tips to get yourself familiarize with the Windows. WINkey+D: to get to the desktop space WINkey+X: to get to the old START button (but

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An idiot guide to buying a notebook computer (2014)

These are the important points to consider when buying a notebook computer: OS – Mac or Windows 8? this is perhaps the most basic and first thing that you need to decide. If web surfing is all you need, Mac

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How to make FN (Function) keys “permanent”?

The Function Keys (FN) I am referring to are located at the top row of your notebook consisting of F1-F12. Why the need to make it permanent? If you have used MacBook, you will appreciate the convenient of having the

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What is that little icon on the url? Favicon

Web browsers display Favicon (short for favorite icon) in three places: next to the URL in the address bar next to the website’s name in a list of bookmarks next to the page title in those browsers that have tabbed

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Electrolux Ergorapido 2in1 (Lithium 18V) cordless vaccum cleaner review

This is probably one of the best investment as far as how much housework it can help you to relieve. It is selling around SGD$160-190 in Singapore. I was indeed debating whether to get the cheaper NiMH 12V version (ZB2933) or

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Lacehost (Leapswitch) domain setting

Goto your domain registrar ( where you purchase your domain name from, log into account, change the nameservers as follows: Nameserver1 : Nameserver2 : You may have to wait for a few hours to 24 hrs for the

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How to add album art picture and Chinese song titles in Windows Media Player?

It is such a pain to add the song titles and album art if you have one of those obscure CDs that you rip yourself. I have lots of old Chinese CDs and this is a real pain. For the

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How to join multiple files?

You usually either received such files 1) to get around the typical 10Mb attachment limit per email for example or 2) from some file sharing site (e.g. that uses the multiple files in order to inconvenience you so that

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3G Broadband Router Review

What is a 3G broadband router?

It is a router which enables a user to quickly create a secure wireless LAN (WLAN) network and provide access to the Internet using cellular signal (the same infrastructure used by your mobilephone). The 3G broadband router also have various names such as mobile broadband router, 3.5G mobile broadband router or 3G router in short.

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BoomZTown – Simplicity, Reusability and Rarity…

Life is short, time is never enough and human’s wants are limitless. So I love simplicity, I love to recycle and I like to collect rare stuff and so is this website.  

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