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Best rechargeable hair clipper

[Updated 1 Sep 2014: My Kairui trimmer broke down after one year + without any warning. I tried dismantled it thinking that the battery had failed but found it hard to assemble it back due to a few small parts

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What is the minimum spec required for iOS development (Xcode)?

or alternatively: Will MacBook Air good enough to run iOS development tool? It is question I hope someone will answer but sadly no one can tell me for sure. Now that I have gone through it, the answer is resounding

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Installing Downlight DIY

How to test if the downlight is working? Schematic: Actual photo with light tested working: The most difficult part I found is putting the holders back into the hole, took me more than a day and trial-and-error to get it

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How to test for a fake Micro sdhc using h2testw?

Visit this website for more details ( H2testw allows you to test storage devices for various errors. It is particularly useful for detecting fake USB memory sticks/cards, where it attempts to detect the actual capacity versus the reported capacity of

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Windows XP migration tool

PCmover Express for Windows XP is a free Windows XP migration tool which copies a user’s files and settings from a Windows XP PC to a new device running Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 8.1. Microsoft has partnered with

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How to delete Google account on an Android phone?

  On Android 4.1.1: Settings -> Accounts->Google (the trick of bringing up the “Remove Account” menu is to press the menu key (on Samsung it will be the Arrow key on the right hand side of the Home button)) On

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How To Take Screenshots On Android Devices?

For devices with Android 4.0 or later, just press and hold the Volume Down and Power buttons at the same time. It may get a little tricky to press both button at the same time and needs repeated practices to

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Flawed windows update Jan 2014?

After installing windows update my NAS not working? I am pretty sure it happened after installing the windows update patch in Jan 2014. I have narrowed it down to the security update KB286330  If you have mapped the drive say

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Most useful Windows 8 shortcut keys

Admin Menu: Windows + X. The Admin Menu is as close as it gets in Windows 8.1 but not exactly the same. Settings: Windows +I, inccluding the power botton for shutdown, standby or restart. Sharing: If you are in an

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